TallBox, the company that helped Facebook with their SEO and Internet Marketing in 2009, the year they crossed the Billion dollar mark, is owned and run by our CEO David Klein.

We cut our teeth on the internet starting in 2001, doing marketing for Dr. David Klein (our CEO’s) chiropractic business. They say to never trust anyone in marketing unless they learned on their own dime, marketing their own products, well we did.

(As a side note David was the second chiropractor in history to be on staff at a medical school, U.C.S.D., training medical professors and medical students about natural health.)

Early on, in 2006, David was noticed by Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s search area. Matt made David famous when he wrote about him, and held him out as an example of how to get white hat, Google compliant links to a website. You can read Matt Cutts blog post complimenting David here.

As a result of that David was invited to speak at the various professional conferences for SEO and Google ranking, including the most prestigious one Pubcon. David’s speakers bio by Pubcon is here.

At this point, David was asked to help larger and larger companies with their internet marketing. With a continued success record, compliments online from Google’s guy in charge of search, he became more well known and popular.

The fact that each year at Pubcon we threw (and still do) the biggest SEO social event of the year, the Purpose Inc. poker tournament at the Mirage, greatly enhanced our friendships and connections in the industry. This event has been attended by virtually everyone in the internet marketing and SEO world over the past decade.

In 2009, we were asked to help Facebook with their SEO and Internet Marketing. You can read what little of this is publicly available here. Facebook at that time kept most of their work under strict N.D.A., so there will always be an intrigue about what took place in that time.

What is publicly available information is that in 2009, Facebook’s revenue is quoted as being $777 MM and that by the next year it was up to $2 Billion. Source: Market Watch Facebook Revenue 2009 to 2014

Tallbox has had the opportunity to help some of the largest companies in the U.S. with their marketing, which you can see a clue about here. Also, dk and tallbox have helped such admirable companies with SEO or other Internet Marketing such as Chipotle, Survey Monkey and many others that are under NDA and can not be discussed.

After having such success helping some of the larger companies in the U.S. TallBox has now settled into the niche where we have most excelled over the years, helping midsized successful companies early in their growth to become the dominant player in their industry. We take midsized companies and help them to become huge.

TallBox specializes in companies, grossing $20MM to $200MM per year in revenue.

The strategy is a simple one.

Go into a company working from the CEO down.
We analyze the marketing and help the company surgically carve out what is not working. This often saves an enormous amount of money the first few months working with a new client.
Then we identify what is winning in marketing, or develop and test marketing methods, until we have winning campaigns.

Then all possible resources are pointed toward the winning marketing.
This can significantly increase the revenue of a company growing it in size as well as making it more profitable.

Some of our successes in this area have helped companies make massive gains in profitable growth.

If improved search engine rankings are needed, it always includes what we are historically famous for, ranking well in Google through purely White Hat strategies including high end, pristine white hat link building.